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Fun. Excitement. Beauty !

How long will I fly?

Depending on conditions :15 - :30 minutes.
(Please be on time.)

What do I need to wear or bring?

Sturdy boots or shoes (no sandals), long pants (no shorts please), warm jacket or windbreaker and gloves if you have them.

And a bite to eat after and some water if you like, as we usually start early for best flight conditions.

Can I take pictures while we are flying ?
If you have a lanyard or a strap for your camera or phone.​ 

What is it like?

There is nothing "like" flying. Imagine running down a gently sloped field a few steps, then being gently lifted from above suspended by your wing over head into the sky and soaring along or over ridge tops and forests... 

How much is it?

$250 is the regular rate for most tandems
include transportation costs.

Where will we meet?

I will be in contact with you the day before by *TEXT* to confirm meeting spot & SPECIFIC TIME as we have to catch a scheduled shuttle up.
 Important: Please arrive at the or before the designated in order to facilitate shuttle logistics.

Can anyone do it?
Yes, even some people into their 80s & 90s have flown. I believe the oldest person was over 100 but in good shape. You need to be relatively fit enough to run a few steps for take off and landing.

What about lessons?

Click the link below for more lesson info.

Please note full package lessons will be discounted by the price of the tandem. ask about our discover flying package.

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